Photo Example - simply substitute @dgwales for your first name (if shown on Twitter), or your Username.

Foursquare Check-In Tweet Award!

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To Our Social Media Addicts,

Every few months we will post a new “Thank You Picture” for the first Tweeted Foursquare check-in you conduct at one of our locations.  All you need to do is link your Foursquare account with your Twitter account and use Foursquare to check in at one of our locations across Wisconsin or Illinois.

These photos will be personalized with your name (or Twitter handle) and hosted on our primary Facebook Page which will allow you to download them for your own personal use at any time.

Please allow up to one week for photo creation (usually done much much quicker).

See the first set of “Photo Awards” already available to Twitter/Foursquare users!  PHOTO ALBUM

Example of a Foursquare/Twitter Post which qualifies for the picture reward:

This is what your Tweet should look like.

Woodman’s Food Market retains the right to not post photo award for any reason.
In general, restriction of photo award will result from Names or Usernames which are innapropriate.