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To All Our Great Customers and Employees,

Below you will find a snapshot of customer testimonials from some of our tremendous fans on Yelp.

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-Woodman’s Marketing Team



There are so many different brands to choose from..especially in the tomato sauce dept. Other stores just as large, don’t have this variety.
I love it!!

-Marilyn K. (Appleton, WI)


Family friendly – aisle wise & wallet wise.

-ChinitaXtina R. (Gilberts, IL)


I love this place.
Their variety and prices cannot not be beat!!! Don’t waste your time trying.

Their liquor department is cheaper than Binny’s.
They have a larger beer selection than Binny’s.
Their gas station is as cheap/cheaper than Costco.
The gas station atm is free.
Oil Changes for 20$
Car washes for 3$!!!!!!

TIP: Program the store’s number into your phone. When you can’t find something or someone to help you, call the front desk to ask your question. This seems lazy, but the store is frigg’n huge! This TIP can save you a lot of time here.

-Zack A. (Carpentersville, IL)


I love this place. I have a toddler so I like to feed her organic food. Since moving here we have not been able to find much of anything, other than some over priced produce at a grocery chain that shall remain nameless. Until someone told us about Woodmans… pasta, bread, cheese, produce, you name it! A huge organic selection, as well as conventionally grown foods too… And CHEAP!!!!!

-Liz C. (South Hadley, MA)


A great location of a great employee-owned local chain.

I think there’s something magic happening here and at every Woodman’s, because the store is FULL, like, a zillion people everywhere and a few in line at each checkout, but it never feels crowded, parking is never that far, and the lines never take very long. WOODMAN’S. All the good things.

-Caroline D. (Chicago, IL)


One of the best employee owned supermarket chains…awesome local produce…awesome low prices to make the best bang for your grocery buck…

-Jaz G. (New Orleans, LA)


This is our go-to grocery store (and the one in Sun Prairie) and seriously? It’s at LEAST a 30 minute trip around the place ’cause there’s so many things here.

Even cheese has its own huge aisle. But it’s Wisconsin, not California. So I understand!

They seem to have everything so I always feel like I’ll find something new to try. I guess salmon is a huge hit here because every time we try to buy some, there’s always one or two left.

I do like that they have an aisle for Asian foods. It satisfies simple things (like shrimp chips!) that I don’t have to drive further to go to Midway for. They even have a few Knorr packets for lumpiang shanghai, palabok, and caldereta. *Big smile*

Glad this place exists and has the variety that it does.

-Jae C. (Madison, WI)


I’ve always heard great things about Woodman’s from MKE friends. I’ve just never really been a huge fan of the drive so I haven’t made it a priority to check them out. I’ve recently been required to go on a gluten free diet for health reasons and Woodman’s had been suggested to me repeatedly by people as being great for GF products. I was in the area for an appointment so I figured I would check them out.

WOW. This place is like Aldi (cheap prices, not fancy) and Costco had a baby (MASSIVE).

I found myself not being able to stop putting things in my cart cause the prices were just so great! (And I’m definitely a bargain hunter when it comes to grocery shopping so for me to be impressed by prices says something.)

The most amazing part though was the gluten free section!!! It seriously blew my mind. I found products for sale there that I thought could only be purchased online–and there they were, just sitting on the shelves! They carry King Arthur baking mixes and GF flour. I found quinoa pasta and GF lasagna noodles and frozen GF waffles! So many wonderful things! I even got a box mix for GF yellow cake and made some delicious cupcakes! You can’t believe how much I’ve been craving these things.

I am still a huge fan of El Rey and I will continue to hit up some of my other favorite closer to home places (Outpost, Cermak, Pete’s) but Woodman’s will definitely be put on my rotation of stores to hit on a regular basis—if for no other reason than the incredible GF products.

-Alicia M. (Milwaukee, WI)


This is, overall, my favorite grocery store. I LOVE the selection. Although it seems like there are 9000 varieties of yogurt or cheese or crackers or ketchup, it actually isn’t that overwhelming. Most of the items I purchase are cheaper here than at other stores, or this is the only store I’ve found specialty items at (like my favorite awesome yellow curry sauce!)

GREAT selection of “ethnic” foods for not being a specialty store – I have found some amazing ingredients to make fantastic homemade Mexican/Latin American or Asian cuisine.

They have a large variety of gluten free foods; although they have many placed together in a particular aisle, they also can be spread throughout the store.

The liquor store is AMAZING. They even sell Ice Hole (!!!!!).

I do have a couple qualms with Woodman’s (hence the -1 star). First, the produce – it definitely goes bad much quicker than produce purchased elsewhere; so if you aren’t going to eat/cook it in the couple days after purchasing I would recommend not buying. Second, I feel some of the meats are pricier – for instance, chicken breast, bacon, even corned beef, is cheaper than at Pick N Save; but the beef, overall, seems slightly more pricy. Finally, avoid shopping here peak times (especially after work, M-F 5-6:30pm) because you might find yourself in a line to check out for 20-30 minutes and then you start to wonder if your milk will sour before you even get it home…

Yes, this store is huge, but I don’t feel it is intimidating. I only wish I lived closer so I could shop here more regularly.

-Angie O. (Shorewood, WI)


Love this store. Need one closer to Chicago.

-Rhonda C. (Chicago Ridge, IL)


If Pick N Save, Wal-Mart, El Rey, Aldi’s and Discount Liquor all came together and formed like Voltron, they would turn into Woodmans. I live almost 8 miles away and I find myself coming back here every few weeks. They have a variety of EVERYTHING. Some of my store highlights you ask? A huge liquor department with a ton of craft beers. A large bakery tons of pastries. Tons of cheeses. All the hard to find foods, plus some you never even heard of. And they are super cheap. They’ve even solved their biggest problem of the long lines, they put in a ton of self checkout lines now. My only issue is the produce. The bananas taste weird, I don’t know why. And this department could use some extra hands. A lot of times I can’t get what I need I produce, like bagged kale, and sometimes I have problems finding anything fresh in what they do have. A little more TLC in the produce would be great, but it’s still my favorite grocery store in the area.

-Joseph W. (Milwaukee, WI)


I love this place. It has tons of ethnic, organic, and classic Wisconsin and Midwestern stuff for pretty good prices.

Beer: they have all those beers from Minnesota, and up north Wisconsin that you can’t find at most other corner places, and you never know when you need some Grain Belt right?

Food: nice mix of organic and standard produce, and a meat section that goes on for miles and miles (well meters at least). Good ethnic food abounds here. Want some HP brown sauce for your “chips” for your English grandmother? Yep they have it! Want some Indian food to spice up your kitchen happening? Yep, they have that stuff also. The freezer section has a ton of vegetarian, organic, and other healthy options right next to the Green Bay Packer ice cream varieties.

Did I mention that they have a pile of different cheeses? Yep. They have every kind of cheese you might want (mostly). Now they don’t have the fancy cheeses you can get at Whole Foods or Cermak Fresh Foods, but they do come close. Looking for crumpets? Yep, they have those too! I could go on and on about all the hard to find things this place has in addition to all the standards, but I wound never end this review.

What else?

Debit Card and cash only.

The gas station is worth a visit also:

Oil change outside for super cheap!

Car wash for a good price outside too!

-Marc R. (Milwaukee, WI)


I feel like I owe Woodman’s an update. It’s true that the things that I dislike about Woodmans are still present – it’s a crowded shitshow, way too much processed crap and super sketch produce.

That being said, I think I understand the appeal of Woodmans more after a few visits. They have everything – literally every grocery product and variety that’s commercially available. They stocked varieties of Doritos I had never heard of – Ranch Dipped Hot Wings flavor? I guess it probably goes well with the 50 flavors of Mountain Dew that were also present. For the record, I did not buy either of those items but I did score sweet deals on Palermo’s pizzas.

I filled my cart up and expected a huge bill at checkout – I was literally shocked (in a good way) at the very reasonable total. What sealed the deal for me was that they PROPERLY bagged my stuff – frozen stuff with other frozen stuff, eggs not at the bottom of the bag, etc. I’m kind of a freak about grocery bagging and don’t understand why other stores (ahem Pick’N”Save) do such a crap job.

Woodman’s isn’t going to be my regular grocery store, but it definitely fills a niche.

-Joanna T. (Wauwatosa, WI)


The liquor store is amazing. The best wine selection in Sun Prairie easily. Rock bottom prices too!

-Kyle Z. (Madison, WI)


The new woodmans is the best thing since sliced bread. I save enough money to more than pay for the gas I use. I also can find everything I need. I end my shopping trip with a stop in the liquor dept.

-Sami S. (Cambridge, WI)