Woodman’s Not Affected by Niagara Recall

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Valued Woodman’s Customers,

Woodman’s has received official notice from Jaylon Hutton Executive VP of Sales & Marketing at Niagara Bottling that we are not affected by the recent Niagara Bottled Water Recall.  Below is an excerpt from Niagara Bottling, LLC pertaining to the voluntary Spring Water Recall:


“On June 18th we were informed of a potential quality issue from one of our spring sources utilized for two of our bottling operations in the Northeast. Upon investigation of the issue, we have determined that there may be a microbiological issue with the source.

Our systems are designed to disinfect issues with source water contamination at the plant. We have not received any complaints of injury or illness of any kind. In an abundance of caution, however, Niagara Bottling is initiating a voluntary recall of the product. We have discontinued the use of this source and are continuing operations in order to quickly replace any product that you may have on hand.

The product in question is any spring water produced from our Hamburg or Allentown, PA facilities, from June 10th 2015 through June 18th 2015. As a private label manufacturer, this product may be in many different brand labels, but it will only be of the Spring Water variety. Purified drinking products or Purified with Minerals Added products are not affected.

The Best By codes on outer-wrap shrink-film for the affected cases would be in the range of:

H# BEST BY 08DEC2016 to H# BEST BY 16DEC2016 OR A# BEST BY 08DEC2016 to A# BEST BY 16DEC2016

H# indicates the Hamburg plant and line number
A# indicates the Allentown plant and line number

Purified drinking products, Purified with Minerals Added, or any Spring Water Products produced outside of the date range above or those specific plants are not affected.”